Flying With Deklyn (Part 1) ; KSLC-PHNL

1) Delta Boeing 757-200

2) Training Server ; 12:00PM-3:13PM ; KSLC-PHNL ; 6:13

Join me on my journey across the pacific as I went from mountains to light blue waters, and my first part in my flying series!

Loading up the passengers, catering, and cargo at the Gate D1 at KSLC (Outside Normal View)

The Boeing 757-200 climbing out KLSC and retracting its gear (Tower View)

The plane on its takeoff roll off to beautiful Honolulu (Left Wing View)

The aircraft turns and banks while leaving KSLC behind (Outside Normal View)

The Delta 757-200 leaving the mainland behind (Right Wing View)

The aircraft at 36,000 Feet as it is getting closer to Hawaii (Outside Normal View)

The long journey is coming to an end as the plane approaches PHNL (Right Wing View)

The 757-200 over the blue waters of Hawaii before touching down on Runway 8R (Outside Normal View)

The aircraft flaring up moments before touch down (Outside Normal View)

The plane parked at Gate E10 while deplaning all of its passengers, catering, and cargo (Terminal View)

Thank you for looking at my photos!

Very nice photos @InfiniteFlight48!

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Very nice 👍🏽‼️.

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Fantastic colours, especially on approach to Honolulu! Cool to see the still brand new B757 in action. Thanks for sharing!

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Nice photos :)

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