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This may be elsewhere but I didn’t see it. I was just now flying in the NY region on the expert server. I departed JFK and then made my way over to LGA and made a touch and go and there and then I was on my way to EWR for a full stop. What is the correct way to let the controller at KLGA know my intentions? I requested frequency change as I left the airport but the controller asked my intentions and I didn’t know what to respond with so I just ended my flight as to not confuse or upset the controller. (Not looking to be a ghost).


Just don’t fly like that = problem solved?

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If you called inbound for touch and go the controller will clear you for that. Upon taking off again you should request a departure in the direction you want t go, not just ask for a frequency change. What you did in terms of flying and airports was fine, just you missed an instruction.
After you are cleared for departure to a different area, ATC will give you a freq change.
If you just ask for a freq change the controller does not know what you are leaving for.


That makes a lot of sense. I’ve never flown airport to airport with ATC so I didn’t know what is the right request to correctly inform of my plan. Thanks!


My pleasure good sir.


This command should only be used when you are remaining in the pattern and want to exit the pattern. Most likley you requested taking off “remaining in the pattern” so when you requested frequency change, it confused the controller as you were planning to depart the airspace. If you plan to depart the airspace request takeoff “departing” the direction which you plan to depart the airspace. After this the ATC will issue a frequency change when appropriate, no need to request a frequency change as a pilot. Hope this helps!

I know all about this, he did not ask anything about taking off. It was about coming in for touch and goes. So his question was since he’s not in pattern work how does he tell the controller he wants to leave not how does he request for takeoff if he doesn’t want to do pattern work.
Maybe I missed something.

Nvm, just read the topic again. Just do what @SkyHighGuys said and request departure. The controller will clear for a departure of the airspace and then issue a frequency change when appropriate, no need to request a frequency change as a pilot.

Great response 10/10 spot on

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Haha glad u asked.this happened to me before too and i didnt know how to respond.

Along with correct requests, I could only assume that if you filed a flight plan that refected your intentions then I believe an expert controller would easily and readily be able to determine your direction and flight path. I’m just not sure how often this function is relied upon.

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