Flying with Airbus new skydancer

Flying over North Sumatra famous volcanic mountain(Mount Sembabala), Garuda Indonesia inbound to Jakarta after an 13 hours and 50 minutes flight from Amsterdam Schiphol.


Hi, when you posted the last 14 hours then just too a very late than 10 hours. Unfortunately, the mods what did say in the rules no more than 24 hours limited everyone day will be a wait to you patients.

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It follows rules #screenshots-and-videos Category for allow than 24 hours limited to continue the read, please. Thank you for understanding.

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thanks for the info… i’m new to the community and haven’t read the screenshot rules sorry


No worries! We’ll leave this one up, just remember for future posts.


I am sure part of the reason its being left up is because its a great shot! :)

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No problem. To hope you enjoy the game IF it has a good day.

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thanks, well yea I just finished the editing, so yeah i was late for the upload