Flying with a Moderator

I’m not that bad as a pilot. Just not good 😂


Last time I checked, you pushed back into my plane ❤️


I’ve flown at least 50 long hauls with @Drummer, mind you - I’m better than ever.

Darn, I keep thinking you’ve forgotten by now… I blame the Long Island Vibes at ISP


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Maybe we could do a fighter jet flight

@Drummer and I have flown the LONG ISLAND VIBES APPROACH into ISP, @Balloonchaser missed out


No, we could @RTG113 VS @WesleyHenrich on who is bad on landings jk

🪂 It seems that I fell from parachute here 👀

Back on topic, Great pictures and The moderators are some great people to fly with !! i have flown with all except 2, that would be @naro and @JoshFly8.

I love the picture you took of the aircraft trailing Adam from above !!!

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Thank you! I flew with a few moderators before in the huge group flights they organise with more than 50 pilots (i think its more), it’s really fun :D