Flying with a Moderator

Hey IFC 👋

This is probably the most thrilling flight i’ve ever done, flying with a moderator! It was pretty cool as some fellow IFC pilots were also flying with AdamCallow (Moderator), I didn’t want to tag him. I kinda messed up the flight for everyone too as i lost control and nearly crashed into another plane, sorry!

Anyway here are some shots of the flight :)

Flight Details:
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 30mins
Route: KSUU to KSUU
Aircraft: Lockheed Martin F-22

Preparing for a very short flight

Blasting out of Travis afb

Turning left to chase the Mod

Flying with other pilots 😀

Lost control so i flew higher but ended up getting a nice shot, i guess?

Together with Adam Callow

Final runway 3L

A pretty good landing with a fighter jet

Parked next to Adam Callow

Hope you guys enjoyed :D


Amazing shots! I love them

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Thank you so much 😊

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This was you guys, saw on my descent to KSUU. It looked awesome on radar and the screenshot says it all.


Haha that’s me G-OOOD trying to catch up with the rest :)

Thank you 😊


@AdamCallow 😜

Sorry, I had to.

Stunning photos! Looks like a super fun flight.


Oh no why did you do that :0

Thank you it was a great flight:)

Hi Adam Callow, sorry for disturbing you lol

you got nice Pictures in that flight 👍


Thank you :)

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Really not a fan of military aviation, but I like your photos here!

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You flew with Adam? Your poor soul. I’m so sorry. :(


You tag me for stuff like this, don’t mind at all. Nice pictures!

Much better than flying with you, given I can actually land a plane.


Shall we test this?

Not sure how you plan on testing it, but I’m happy to prove it. I suggest a landing completion, Lukla Rwy 24.


I’ll be there

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You should’ve come to my Courchevel landing Competition. 😂

I would like to fly with Drummer

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@JoshFly8 flying with @AdamCallow was really cool!

And both of you are really great pilots :)

Thank you @CheapJedi 😊

trust me, you don’t, back me up @Drummer

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Many have tried… few have returned

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