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Hello, I recently bought a iPhone 11. I used to play infinite flight on my iPad Air 2 but that battery pretty much died over time and probably unknowingly incorrect charging. Now I want to play Infinite flight again on my phone, but I want to know if the game can actually degrade battery life? And if it’s bad to charge while flying? Is there a auto stop function that makes the battery stop charging or do I manually have to unplug it at around 80 percent to avoid fully charging and fully emptying?

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Prolonged use of any resource-intensive application, like Infinite Flight, will inevitably degrade the battery. However, the marginal decrease in battery life after prolonged use of Infinite Flight is incredibly small and it is highly unlikely that it will affect your battery in a significant way.

No, it is not. The idea that leaving your device charging for a long period of time (overnight, for example) will damage your battery was only ever true on old batteries on very very old electronic devices. You can read more about this here:

There is no need for this feature because you cannot ‘overcharge’ an iPhone 11. See the article I linked above for more on this.

Hope this answered your questions. If you have any follow-ups please feel free to reply.


Thank you very much for your explanation, what do you think that the reason was that my iPad battery now doesn’t work correctly anymore? Was it by leaving it overnight or that I used up all cycles? It randomly shuts off at around 70 percent and tells me I need to charge it, then when I charge it it opens immediately and says it has 30 percent battery.

Had this with a samsung tablet. Had to get the battery replaced. No link with IF in my experience.

How old is your iPad? The Air 2 is quite an old device so it’s highly likely that the battery has come to its natural ‘end’ through many cycles (not necessarily directly as a result of Infinite Flight). What you can do is to check the battery health. Head over to Settings, Battery and then Battery Health, that should give you some indication if the battery needs replacing.

(At this point, it might be better to invest in a new iPad than get the battery replaced. As I said, the Air 2 is nearly 6 years old so investing in a battery for an older device may not be the best value-for-money investment).

EDIT: And no, it is not because you kept your device charging overnight. See the article in my previous reply for an in-depth explanation.

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Hey there, I got the iPhone 11 for Christmas (25th of December 2020) and it’s great although the battery can run about 2-5 hours without charge at the start but the more u play IF the more the battery health goes down. Mine was on 100% when I got it now it’s at 96% if it goes under 80% u have to replace the battery but it’s completely fine once it goes under 95% it goes down slow but other than that it never really gets hot or anything unless your in a highly highly populated area or doing over a 15hrs flight!

Thank you all for your replies, my iPhone 11 gets quite hot while flying. But I put it on a colder surface so it’s not as much. Thank you all for your help!

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