Flying when sound stopped working

So I was doing pattern work and I was on final and all of a sudden my sound stopped working, I thought ok, it’s just my ipad. I go to YouTube and other apps and they are working. An hour later, the sound for IF is still not working, can someone help?

it is a issue

however, is it all sound or just ATC sound?

It’s all sound.

Did you take a call by any chance during your session? This in my experience has been something to make this occur.

Nope. I didn’t take a call.


all the things that you can try

  1. Try to Say something to Unicome (if you want to)
  2. exit IF, and go back in (just click home NOT close tab)
  3. If all fails, we just have to wait untill it is fixed

I will try.

Hey, At the top left of your phone make sure your ringer is ON.

Is your Sound volume and ATC volume up in your settings?

Alright it started working, thank you @FLIGHT2