Flying when school is going

Do y’all still fly when y’all are in school or not really I will since I’m a senior this year and I have a shorter schedule


I fly a lot during the school year, but what I like to do in particular is to come home and do short 1 hour flights in areas I’ve not explored before. I find this usually helps take my mind off school after a long day and it leads to less mishaps relating to the flight in general. It’s also a great way to explore the virtual sky’s and is quite refreshing, something I find nice after a long and hectic day.


I’ll be a junior in HS this fall, and to answer your question I do fly during the school year.

I tend to do a long evening flight while I do School work then on the weekends I tend to do red-eye flights to gain XP


I personally find my ability to fly shrinks in the school year, but I can typically find at least a day or two in the week to fly 1-2 hour flights


I’ll probably only be flying on weekends for the first few months thanks to football practice everyday. The second half of the year might be a bit different.

I usually cancel my sub and then by the time summer roles back around, I get back in the IF skies!

I try to fly whenever I can since my schedule is kinda packed. So I plan long hauls days in advance. Preparation is everything for me, so planning a good flight that aligns with the ATC schedule and personal timeline is always satisfying. I’m currently en route to Hong Kong as I’m typing this in class (we’re not doing anything) 😄

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If you can manage the correct time to takeoff and land, WSSS-KEWR/KJFK is an excellent route during the school day. Then a medium-haul, usually about 3-4 hours in the evening while you get your school work done, is also really good!

I used the wrong account mb.
It really depended on my schedule. I flew a lot during lockdown classes but when I went back in person. I usually flew if I had half days.

When i was in high school i flew a lot more, but then it kinda started to go away. I recently bought a sub so I might get back into it

Having flown during school since the equivalent of middle school (now studying in university and working as well), I’ve only flown when I know my schedule is set in stone and when I’m able to be back in time for the arrival. Of course, life isn’t always perfect and not everything goes your way, which means that missing my arrival has happened from time to time, though not as many times as I make it sound.

Nonetheless, I’ve still been active in the skies and in the control towers all throughout the year, and as things stand, I don’t see that changing.


I still fly during the school year but only on Fridays and Weekends

I sometimes fly on my lunch break

In in Australia and in year 12. Our year is nearly finished and i have only been flying on weekends. Since year 12 takes a lot of studying, and externals are coming up i will not be flying as much. But its really up to your if you have some free time!! 😃

Weekend overnights are what save your grade, unless you have a job and do athletics, then you will have to go out of your way to play IF almost.

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I do like 13-14 hour flight before I leave and lnd when I come home then in the evening I do 30-1:45 minutes flights

Not been in school in decades, but I fly at work! Autopilot is a great thing, but, I get overspeed violations because I get busy with my tasks and the approaches sneak up…


Used to do that in high school, take off before I left and lane within a few hours of coming home.

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