Flying VOR with reworked C172

Since the reworked C172 just came out along with functional VORs, it’ll be a good time to do a VOR only flight from KMRY(Monterey, CA) to KSBA(Santa Barbara, CA).

Server: ES
Callsign: N456DX
165nm enroute, ETE is 1h30m


Takeoff RWY: 28R
Turn left heading 240° after takeoff, maintain heading 240° until 3000’. Then turn left heading 155° to intercept BSR VOR R-125. Fly via R-125 to BSR VOR until intercept MQO VOR R-129. Fly via R-129 to MQO VOR until intercept GVO VOR R-130.

Approach: VOR/DME RWY 25

Fly back course on GVO VOR R-099 until IAF(GVO 20.7nm). Passing IAF at 6000’, turn right heading 129° for procedure turn. Maintain 3000’ until on GVO VOR R-279. Descent and maintain 2100’ until IAF.

On the ground at KMRY, the weather looks good.

Set BSR VOR R-125 for NAV1 and MQO VOR R-129 for NAV2

Lift off

On MQO VOR R-129. Kept correcting course due to the cross wind.

AP is in control of the plane, finally got some time to enjoy the spectacular view.

On the approach course, Santa Barbara airport is just miles away.

The last turn to align with runway 25, glide path is a little high but no big deal.

Landed at Santa Barbara, safe and sound.

Breadcrumb of the flight. Over turned a little bit after BSR due to the wind, but this brings me more joy than flying a commercial jet across the Atlantic.

Shout out to the devs for this amazing rework.


How funny I did the exact same flight yesterday with the SR22 using the VOR on HUD. Looking forward to a G1000 live cockpit in the Cirrus too!

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How do you tell when you have intercepted another VOR radial?

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When the bar on the CDI or (E)HSI moves, that means you have intercepted that radial.

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