Flying VFR on LF

Hey guys, so when global came out on LF it worke smooth and with everything needed, but after @Cameron’s “refresh” every single plane or flight ha no destination!


(P.S. Pics

The Nor Star is actually me heading to Oslo, and I have a fpl, same as @Cpt_Chris’ flight.)


Hello there! I have had the same issue as well. I will have a look around to see if this has been mentioned anywhere else :)

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Yes I’ve noticed this also. Mostly on long haul flights. I did LAX to ABQ the other day and the destination was shown. But when I’ve done ATL to Dubai and LAX to Hong Kong it wasn’t shown. So maybe its just longer flights


Cam has already been notified and is working on this as we speak. It’s better than having no LiveFlight.

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