Flying VFR around Cascadia

1) 🇨🇦VFR Flight in scenic British Columbia

2) Route: CYVR-CYSE ~ Flight Time: 33 Min ~ Server: Expert

Sitting at GA Parking, prepping for the flight

Rotating of off R08R and banking immediately to ensure heavier traffic can depart

Getting a close up of the busy Vancouver movement areas while maintaining social distance from other aircraft

Approaching Howe Sound

Beginning the descent into Squamish Airport

Using the water as an approach aid le rivière visual

Turning final over downtown Squamish


Taking in the scenery one final time before shutting down the aircraft

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Thanks For Viewing!


Very cool photos!


Thank you so much!


Incredible pictures, was really busy at times, I’m surprised you managed to squeeze through all of that. We had some amazing Vancouver teams controlling tonight, hope you enjoyed!


Ignoring the thing that I think says low fuel in the cockpit (lmao), nice pics!

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Photos look sick

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I definitely did! Thanks to the Vancouver team for their great service and accommodating me👍

Yeah, just a quick 25 or so minute straight flight so I didn’t bring much fuel 😅

Thanks so much!

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