Flying up the West Coast

So Today I flew for @elal-virtual with their @alaskavirtualairline Codeshare from Los Angeles to Seattle. This is my first #screenshots-and-videos topic in a while! Enjoy!

Classified Information

Flight time: 1:53
Server: Expert
Plane: just wait and see
ATC: None

At the gate


Getting an escort from @nativetoalaska

Somewhere over California…

Time to descend! If you guess the airport you get a cookie 🍪

On final

An Absolutely butter touchdown!

At the gate with @Nativetoalaska and @thenewpilot landing from KRDU in the background!

Overall it was a great flight and I enjoyed it very much! I’m glad I’m in a VA with so many great Codeshares!

Thanks to @nativetoalaska for the escort!

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“From now, until the next time, see you in the sky!”-Jeb Brooks


Anyone wanna go?

PDX? portland?

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Me thinks that airport is Portland, PDX. Not many commercial airports are along river banks.

Also, my landing was an 8/10 because I couldn’t stay center line.

I’m doing NHL Expansion Draft selections, and flying them to Seattle to join their new team, so I’m only carrying 1 passenger. Currently enroute to SEA from ORD in a UA 78X.


Congratulations here is a cookie 🍪

Now that’s dedication

And here’s your cookie 🍪

would you be down to fly sometime?

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Maybe, I’ll PM you

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I can recognize KPDX’s 21/3, 10L/28R and 10R/28L runway setup along the edge Columbia River out of anywhere!

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This is my favorite route to fly. Especially flying into Seattle seeing Mt. Rainer and counterparts.


A big airport

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Yep, I love this one too

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I mean, you aren’t wrong

Seattle! I guess Seattle

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Ehhh close enough


Am I right tho?

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Sorry, I just saw this. The airport was PDX

That’s too easy!!🤣

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At first glance I thought it was LAX…👀

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