Flying Trans-Oceanic: "Tower" Camera View Crashes Sim

I was recently flying EGLL-KBOS, and decided to scroll through the camera views. Upon switching to the “Tower” view, the sim crashed. I’m assuming this is because the sim looked for a tower viewpoint nearby and there was none, since I was over the Atlantic, which resulted in the sim crash.

Device Specs:

  • iPad Pro 10.5in, 128 GB
  • iOS 10.3.2

I was also using IF Assistant during the flight.


Can you consistantly reproduce this issue?

same happend to me was flying from EHAM right over the ocean and when i switched to tower it showed a black screen and crashed… 3hours of flight lost :(
Specs: Samsung Galaxy S7, no other apps running, another problem i found was sometimes the search field stops working and i can not search anymore.

Yup. Just tested it - I was 250+ NM away from the nearest airport over the Atlantic and it crashed again.

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It seems to be an issue - I can’t remember who but someone else earlier was also over water, changed to overhead view and then it crashed. Devs, you might want to look into this.

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The app used to show a grey green when checking Tower/Overhead view from a large distance. Is this happening constantly? @bobby

I didn’t get a gray and green screen - the sim just crashes immediately.

The same happened to me while on a flight from MMUN-EGLL. Was also at least 250+NM from nearest airport. Seems to be a common issue.

You need to understand that all of this is being worked on to improve everyones experience, they’re not just sitting there doing nothing. I’ve seen you rant about this more than a few times now, and that won’t help anyone. Reporting issues are great, and that is what helps the developers to improve the app so it’ll work better for everyone. But please understand that all of this is extremely complicated, and neither iOS & Android are really designed to keep a game running continuously like Infinite Flight does. It’s a big accomplishment from FDS that we’re even able to do several hours without having more issues.


Ok I am sorry I just want the flight simulator more stable that is all for long haul flights I don’t mean to put anyone down if I’m have I am sorry

I promise you, you’re not the only one. :)