Flying Train

A person came up with idea to make a flying train, In my opinion it is very Impracticle and makes no sense as it is bound to rails.
Plus I mean, It’s pretty much a plane, just more restricted

what do you guys think?


I think it’s like a lot of innovations. The media jumps on it the second they see it, and half the time it’s a thought or prototype that never even takes off (pun intended).

EDIT: I mean, just looking at it. It doesn’t look cheaper than conventional trains and it’s probably slower than some trains.


If a tree breaks from lightning say, and falls over the track, the quite skinny beam that connects this “thing” to the track might snap or fall off the track or get stuck. Oof

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What ever they are trying to invent pretty much exists.

Its called a plane.

Just smaller.


supersonic monorail


The idea is good. Something to transport a lot of people in a fast way, but how many projects like this the mankind already had? And how many got stopped due to a lack of money? I think exactly this will also happen here.


I don’t know if you guys are English but we have London King Cross station it take a lot of train and with this it will have to be like 3 in the station at once



I had to, I had this saved on my ipad for quite a while


Nice idea, but is imposible make.

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On the fandom side, this could bring railfans and avgeeks together, if it’s possible that is

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First of all… how is this better than a plane? Second, wouldn’t there be a lot of wake turbulence coming from this massive “plane-train” contraption that would prohibit you from flying these as frequently as shown in the video?
I don’t see any reason why this is significantly better and more practical than anything we currently have…

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Yeah I think the creators were on something when they came up with this lol


Meh, I think it’s a stupid idea lol.

A flying train? Whats next? A flying cruise ship?


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In all seriousness, this is a terrible idea IMO because it serves no purpose as it is really big for a train track, expensive to do, and technically is not flying as it is holding to the railway.


This airborne train will probably board at platform 9-3/4.


What the point of a flying train if you have planes plus you have train routes that go into tight sopots so how you going to get this thing in…

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I agree, the only thing that has a small minus is that you travel longer.

I would love to see how quick it all goes pear shaped with asymmetric!

Down low over the trees…isn’t that where the birds live?

Pointless idea, over complicated and unnecessary. Just build the VTOL aircraft and untether them. Oooooh, aeroplanes.

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These people must have a grudge against aéroplanes 👌

Adds a slight Spanish accent when saying “aéroplanes”…

I am also a train geek and I have to say that this is not even close to be a train. Let planes and trains do their jobs separetly.