Flying too close?? ADVANCED SERVER

Question for people flying on the Advanced server…

Do you care if someone starts following you closely while in flight?
I ask because I got ghosted by another user after following them, I don’t do it too often but when I do no one minds or cares enough to ghost me… Until now. In fact most people start doing tricks or slowing down for extreme close opportunities.

So… back to the question.



That drives me nuts

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I personally don’t. But having said that, many people do, and we should just respect that. The Free Flight Server is the place for that kind of thing.

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If I was flying a commercial or charter IF flight, I would be extrmeely irritated. I am not simulating an emergency which requires an escort, I am performing an everyday flight. Military jets are mot part of that.

I am not performing an airshow routine in the middle of my flight so I don’t need a 747 tagging behind. This s when I wish wake turbulence was in the game so the follower would have the airflow disrupted and would fall out of formation.

Although I keep about a 5 mile distance from the plane ahead of me, I am not bothered in the least when somebody decides to tag along while above 10,000 feet. However, I would probably be bothered somewhat during my approach and landing.

Btw, it takes an advanced controller or three users, to ghost you.

I don’t mind being followed if they are in a fighter, Just not a 747 :p