Flying tomorrow! ET701 Boeing 77L - Return ET710 (A350) info too!

I am flying tomorrow too Ethiopia for my 2 weeks of Charity work helping the disadvantaged!!

If you would like to track me/take off in the Ethiopian 777 from Heathrow in IF at the same time, feel free to do so!!

Tomorrow (8th August) I leave Heathrow at 9pm BST (8pm Zulu) on an Ethiopian 777-200LR on the ET701 to Addis Ababa

I return 2 weeks later on the 22nd August as the ET710 leaving Addis at 11am East Africa Time, 8am Zulu - arriving back at Heathrow 5pm BST, 4pm Zulu. - This flight is scheduled to be on the Brand New Airbus A350-900XWB after they announced 2 weeks ago that from the 14th Aug, it will serve Heathrow Daily!!

Please feel free to track both flights, and post screenshots here! Unlikely to respond until 23rd Aug at the earliest


The A350 would be great to fly on, I wish I could fly on that


This time tomorrow!!

WOW! What a brilliant aircraft the Airbus A350 is!!! Had amazing flights and time in Ethiopia!!

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Oh I think I saw your flight yesterday on flight radar but didn’t take a photo😔

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I flew the B787 and I didn’t think it was amazing but in Doha seeing all the A350’s made me really want to fly on it

Here you go! Some pictures from on board the Ethiopian A350!! Was on the 6 day old ET-ATR! Such a lovely aircraft to fly on!

Climbing out of Addis Ababa

Cruising over Egypt

Cruising over Southern Europe

Turning onto Final Approach at Heathrow

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