Flying together to Maldives

Hello IFC!

Yesterday i joined an event hosted by @DubaiVirtual for a flight from Dubai to Maldives
It was fun to fly with many other pilots and the approach was really nice with the view of the colourful islands of Maldives from the cockpit.

Here are a few edited photos of the flight!

Server: Expert
Flight time: 3hrs 45mins
Route: OMDB to VRMM
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Airline: Emirates

Tailshot at Dubai

Aerial view

Everyone taxiing to the end of the runway

Lift off!

Cabin view with beautiful scenery

Shiny engines

Tail view during approach

Final runway 36

Slowing down

Parked at the gate!

Hope you liked it :)



These are some amazing shots! keep it up!

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Thank you so much!

Amazing shots! Love every one of em

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I’m glad you liked it :)

THESE LOOK awesome!!!

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Thank you 😊

Amazing photos and that was me at the gate at the East side, Gate B27

And I will post those shots later on from that event too

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I remember! I was behind for the entire flight!

Thank you 😊

What was the flight time?

Edit: Lol nevermind

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It was 3hrs 45mins


Amazing shots… and a nice event!

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Thank you :)

Thanks for making the flight plan lol

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Really loved the event!

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It was really fun!