Flying today!

I’m flying jetblue 761 if you tracked it awesome for those who want another chance I will be flying out on Sunday flight Jetblue 554 which will be on another post. Have a happy Easter.

Flight route:
Orign- KLGA gate A2
Destination-KPBI gate C14
Flight plan to be filed- KLGA31 LGA5 WHITE J209 SBY KEMPR DIW AR19 AYBID FRWAY5 KPBI10L

The tail number

Time of Flight 3:30
Estimated time of departure- 3:56 PM EST
Enroute time- 2:16 minutes
Estimated time of arrival- 6:12 EST

Tracking on


Where you going? ;c

Enjoy your flight, JetBlue_flyer

Palm Beach. Doing it to surprise my brother for his birthday.

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Thanks man.

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Not sure where your going but palm beach is beautiful. My dad went to a club there when he was working and sat 4 tables away from Donald Trump.

Not that he enjoyed that though aha.

And you get a great view when on approach apparently

Oh. I looked up the flight and it says that it arrived at Palm Beach about 10 minutes ago. Maybe it hasn’t started tracking the flight for tomorrow yet. Enjoy your flight! :D And take pictures if you can!

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3:30PM tomorrow I should add that above. I’ll take pictures for sure ;)

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flying out of JFK?

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KLGA at 3:30

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Nice have a good time!

Thanks man.

I wish I could go to Palm Beach.

Enjoy the flight!

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Dude! I’m in the patterns of KLGA! I’ll try to get your flight on video ;)

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It’s nice plan a trip sometime.

That would be awesome!!!

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Thanks man.

I just went to St Maarten a few weeks ago so I’m gonna be in New York for a while 😂

I don’t see it listed on the flightradar24 app yet. I’ll keep an eye out for you!!