Flying to Tulsa

Recently, I flew out to Tulsa to see an airline buddy of mine just to talk aviation and hangout. I flew from KLIT-DFW-KTUL-KDFW-KLIT. It was a total of 940 miles and a very long 18 hour day after getting up at 5Am and barley making my first flight. I flew on two E175 jets and two American Maddogs. The E175 flights was the Little Rock to Dallas and the Dallas to Little Rock flights while the Maddog flights were the Dallas to Tulsa and Tulsa to Dallas. I unfortunately didn’t make it on the flight i has booked home from Dallas to Little Rock but got on the the last flight which I got first class on. Some of the pictures of the trip are down below.

For more pictures follow, @nonrev_ryaan on Instagram.


nice pis man I love AA so much I think its a sickness :)

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I love the Md-80s and E175s! Nice pics, I hope you had a good trip!

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@haitianpilot44 they are. My favorite airline hands down.

@Butter_Boi thanks. And I did. Minus missing my first flight home (it was full) and being tired.

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Im glad u love AA too bro I thought I heard in sept they are retiring the md 80 but somebody PLS correct me if im wrong be cause I hope im wrong!

September 4th, final flight AA80 MD-80 DFW-ORD. Flight is booked full with hundreds of standby passengers.

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im in Chicago close to KORD aka one of tha best airports of all time lol…but I might to be there on sept 4 :O

I’m glad you like AA, it’s a pretty nice airline!

@Butter_Boi pretty nice? naaaah its da BEST airline fam…again sorry to go off topic

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