Flying to the Northern Polar Circle! EFHK-ENTC

I just did a route I never did before, EFHK-ENTC. for anyone who wants to know, ENTC is the airport of Trømso (Norway) and is located inside the northern polar circle. It is snowy here and the time zones are pretty confusing during the winter and summer.

Now, Enjoy the photos I made

Just took off from EFHK. Did you know that EFHK is still 2D in IF?

Cruising! Im about to fly over the Golf of Bothnia, the sea that is between Sweden and Norway.

Descending into Trømso after passing the northern polar circle border.

Touchdown! It looks pretty good here! Would recommend to fly this route if you want to.

Joitakin tietoja

Aircraft: Finnair Airbus A321
Server: Training
Time: 1700Z to 1810Z

Thank you for stopping!


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