Flying To The Midwest!

Hello Everyone! The other day I was doing a flight and the scenery was amazing. So that’s why I’m sharing them with you!

These pictures were made by me. If you want to use them, please pm me via the IFC. Thanks!

Here are the flight details: KPDX - KDFW, 2:20 flight time, Plane used A320, Operator, Alaskan airlines/ ASVA.

(These photos were edited but I hardly changed anything)

Photo 1. Leaving KPDX!


Photo 2. Flying over Boise with the moon in the background!

Photo 3. Flying over Colorado!

Photo 4. On final for Dallas!

which photo do you like best?

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4

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If you want to see the flight in a video here the link to the video:


If you have any feedback, It would be greatly appreciated!

Dallas is in the Midwest? Might want to check up on that! Otherwise, nice shots. I like the one over Colorado with the mountains.

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yeah, it goes either way, Thanks for the feedback.

As a midwestern myself, I don’t think that Dallas is in the Midwest.

Anyway, that’s beyond the point, great photos!

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amazing photos

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Great photos, that Alaska livery never gets old!

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thanks guys!