Flying to Sydney

Here is an amazing flight from Singapore Changi to Sydney International. Flight time was aout 7 hours and 9 minutes long. Got to see a beautiful sunset over Nothern Australia about 2 hours before arrival to Sydney.

Parked at Gate B4 at Singapore.

Departure at runawy 02C.

Sunset over Northern Australia.

Landing on runway 34R.

Parked at Internacional gate 34.

Flight Time: 7 hours and 9 minutes
Boeing 777 - 300er
Singapore Airlines Livery
Cruising altitude: 41,000ft
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Great shots mate ! I love this route !

Thank you very much. Well appricated

Wow! I can never get that high in a 773. I usually don’t do that anyways because I’m afraid of something going wrong during a long haul. Nice flight!! Got to give that one a try!