Flying To Super Bowl LVIII

Hello folks! Its been about two weeks since Super Bowl LVIII took place in Las Vegas, Nevada with the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. The day before the big game I flew the same route that the 49ers took from San Jose to Las Vegas. These pics should’ve been uploaded around week ago but I’ve been quite busy so here they are now!

Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Server: Expert
Date: 2/10/2024

Boarding at KSJC. Another 777 seems to be making the route also


Goodbye Bay Area

Nice view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

The wings on the 777 are so great to look at!

Descending into Las Vegas

Gear down…

Welcome to KLAS! Looks like another 777 is here on the charter route too

Arrival into Sin City for the Big Game!

Thanks for taking a look at this photos. Sadly my Niners lost in heartbreaking fashion this year but I’m still proud of the season they had and I know I’ll be doing a similar flight next February to New Orleans!