Flying To Space

Flying to space in an F22 after taking off from KDEN. I got some views of the Pacific, the moon, North America, and part of South America.
Airport: KDEN
Solo Mode
Route: VFR
Aircraft: F22 Raptor
Here’s a cockpit view of the great Pacific. Isn’t it beautiful?

I climb higher into space aa I can see the curvature of the earth. I have just disproven all flat earth theories.

Here’s some views of the Pacific during nighttime.

Here are some views of the moon as well as the Pacific during nighttime.

Thanks for reading/looking, have a great night.
If someone would put a watermark with my username on it on my photos and then PM them to me, that would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


can i use these as my wallpaper because these are awesome!

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Sure! If someone asks where you got them from, please give me credit.

Lol. I’ve liked too much.


@InfiniteFlightAvgeek Same problem

By the way great photos

You’ve disproven my theory!
credit: Twitter.

Jokes aside great photos, going to space is super entertaining.


Thanks for the feedback! The dinosaur thing is hilarious.😂


I first saw the photo in one of @Nate_Schneller’s replies, been a dino-earther since then lol.


Looks amazing, thanks.


No problem!

No one can stop the awakening 😈


can we go to space when playing in solo?

Yes, that’s what I did.

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I’ve done it in casual server before

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Amazing pictures!

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I should try that!

Thanks for the feedback!

@InfiniteFlightAvgeek how did you get that high?

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  1. Take off from runway 35R at KDEN
  2. Turn left towards the mountains and climb up to 32 thousand above sea level.
  3. Throttle full power until you reach 1000 (I forgot the unit) airspeed, not groundspeed.
  4. Nosedive into the mountains. You will go under the ground for a while, but eventually you will start floating up above ground. You will continue climbing.

I looked up a video.
Here it is:
Some YouTube Video.

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ok thank u

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It’s fun. Every one should at least once see the Infinite Flight space.

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