Flying To Space in an A380

Flying into space in an A380

Background to the photo

I saw this topic and decided to try to fly to space. I succeeded with a TBM but wanted to try something bigger. Now that I’ve taken this photo, I feel that it deserves its own topic. It’s also not edited.

Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

Server: None (In Solo)

Time: Noon (Sydney Time)

Route: Sydney To the International Space Station (ISS)

Aircraft: A380

Airline: Qantas



Thank you for linking my topic!

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How’d you even do that?

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Take a look here. I followed these steps. :)

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I already followed every possible step to go in space and I never got it, and you come with the photo of the whale in the sky, how could this be possible.

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Just keep trying! I had to try a few times to get this result. It isn’t guaranteed that you’ll make it to space every time. :)

I’m afraid to try again because the last time I received a violation even though I was in the casual, people say that in casual there are no violations but I swear I had one.

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I did mine in Solo, you won’t get any violations there!

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Yeah, I’ll try it, I had not thought about it.

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I’ve tried to do this but I didn’t gain enough speed to go into the ground. Only the nose stuck in the ground

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You can’t get a violation by using this:The best way to go to space! No risks! Every plane works! Launch your plane at every time you want!

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Was I the first person I ever do this?

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Not sure… you could’ve been! :)

your method is to go in space through replay, send me a DM with explanations I could not understand. thanks

I reworked my topic, i hope you can understand it now

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