Flying to some of the most beautiful places!

I woke up this morning and decided to fly around the beautiful continent of Africa that gets little to no attention so I thought I would fly around and get it some attention with some pics!

These flights were on the Expert Server
Aircraft were the Boeing 777 family
Flight time together was around 5 hours
The flights were: Istanbul to Cairo and Addis Ababa

Climbing out of Istanbul

Cruising this flight was quite short

Touchdown in Cairo!

Now we head down to Nairobi!

Roaring out of Bole international with someone that just landed from ENGM!

Another Great Take off shot 👀

Climbing to cruise


After another quick flight we are descending into Nairobi

500, 400, 300 minimums …

50, 40, 30, 20, 10 touchdown. Spoilers up decel

I hope you enjoyed these photos to take your mind of of the Aircraft voting and just enjoy Africa!

Until next time
Average Gamer


Nice, like your photos! ❤

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Awesome pics! I gotta fly more in Africa


Thank you!

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You should it is really a great place 😁

Ya the only countries I’ve flown to in Africa is Egypt and SA, which is sad

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Africa is huge but once you explore it then it is a amazing place to be

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I love the first picture!


Thank you! It was a early take off out of Istanbul

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