Flying to Sedona from the Grand Canyon in a Cessna

Hello everyone! Yesterday I flew from the Grand Canyon (KGCN) to Sedona (KSEZ). I flew in a Grand Caravan, and it had a couple of Garmins. Our cruise altitude varied from 9,500 all the way up to 11,500. It was a very beautiful flight and I would definitely do it again. Enough talking, here’s the pictures! I wasn’t sure if this should just be in #real-world-aviation or real, and spotting. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Walking to the plane, along with a couple of skydivers

Taxiing to the runway

Takeoff, rotated at 80 knots

Looking over the Grand Canyon

Over some desert I forgot the name of

Joining the left downwind for runway 21

Final approach

Honorable Mentions

Challenger 300

Pilatus PC-12

I also took a video of the landing, and if you want to see it here it is: Landing in Sedona in a Grand Caravan


You like that radar dome pic the best, right? @DeerCrusher 😆

Also, awesome shots of the hills of Sedona. I was in Page, AZ last week. Beeeeautiful


View never gets old. But it gets old when we get a plane where the radar is MEL’d. 😐I think its a 90 day MEL too


Very cool as I’ve flown there many times in IF and been there irl. Sedona airport is also a great place to catch sunsets!


Stunning views and great scenery. I’d wish to fly solo for once in my life but a lot of learning will take place to even to get here. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your flight. Safe night!

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I was at the Grand Canyon in early June man that canyon is stunning
Also awesome photos

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Oh goodness lol yah, 90 days… technically… But believe it or not some companies will find a loophole around that. Sadly. Hopefully yours issnt one of them

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Yeah. We’ve got a good maintenance program. If, after 90 days its not fixed, our Dir. of Mx could send a letter to the FAA for an additional 90 day extension. etc etc.


Couldn’t agree more. Watching the edge basically drop off from the plane was amazing.


For those who don’t know how unique this airport is… it sits on a table aka Mesa.

Not my picture, but this will give you guys an idea of how cool this airport truly is.


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