Flying to San Francisco in Blue! KJFK-KSFO trip report!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday morning! Today is gonna be an exiting day because I have booked tickets in JetBlues Mint class all the way to California! I have never flown JetBlue before and I haven’t flown on an Airbus in a while but since it’s 6 hours, I need the mint class! This flight was pretty good with just moderate turbulence the first hour and also some light turbulence over Colorado but I had a wonderful view of the San Francisco Bay Area as we were on our descent and my seat, the food, and the entertainment was amazing! So come along with me and we I hope you enjoy this trip just as much as I did!

Flight number: JetBlue 115
Airplane: Airbus A321-200
Route: New York(KJFK)-San Francisco(KSFO)
Flight time: 5 hours and 56 minutes
Server: Training

Here is our plane as they just called mint class travelers to board at gate 17!

My seat 4A is a good looking seat greeting me with a mint drink, blanket and pillow, amenity kit, and the good old JetBlue safety card, with a nice wing view out the window!

We are taxing to runway 4L and crossing runway 31L in this beautiful Airbus!

Lining up and about to takeoff runway 4L, it is 8:35 am!

And off we go! Goodbye New York!

It has been just about 2 hours since we took off, I am having the time of my life! I had a good breakfast with Waffles and a croissant and another mint drink, and I just opened up my amenity kit and it looks very awesome with amazing surprises inside, so after this I think I am gonna take a nap!

After a nice, long refreshing nap in this cosy lie flat seat, we are finally on our descent with an amazing view of the San Francisco vicinity!

Final approach runway 28R with perfect visibility with almost no winds!

We just landed at 11:31 am and we are crossing runway 10R!

After a nice long ride with JetBlue for the very first time, we are finally here and just parked at gate B8, thanks so much JetBlue for such an amazing trip in your “mint” class and I had a wonderful experience,
I would for sure rate this airline a 10/10! But anyways I am gonna go to the baggage claim and get a rental car and spend a few days in San Francisco! Thanks again JetBlue!

Thank you all so much for reading and don’t worry my next trip report will for sure be in United which is one of the reasons why I flew to San Francisco! Here is the reply!

Have a good rest of your day guys!


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