Flying to random airports

Welcome to my challenge!

Image source: me at EBAW

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Hello everyone, my challenge is largely inspired by other members’ post such as Metro_Aviation’s one and BP-Aviation’s World Tour.

Basically, as the title says, I must fly to random airports. It doesn’t have to be a commercial airport, as long as the airport is on IF, I have to fly there.

I had this idea in mind and wanted to share this adventure with you since I can get a well known airport or an underrated one!

Feel free to come flying with me!


  • Since I haven’t found any website that can give any random airport in the world, I use a website which gives me random coordinates (you can find the link at the end of the post).
    • The coordinates can’t be on an ocean (that means it can land on a sea or a lake) except if it is close enough to land.
    • I must take the closest airport to the generated coordinates (it has to exist in IF and have a parking spot).
  • When I fly between the airports, I must use real flights with the right airline and aircraft (if the aircraft doesn’t exist in IF, I must use the closest aircraft to the actual one). This rule can be neglected when I fly to non commercial airports.
  • I must fly as often as possible at the exact hours of departure and arrival (it may sometimes not be possible since I must sleep lol).
  • The arrival airport of the previous route will be the departure airport of the next route.

List of airports completed


None yet.


UATE (Aktau, Kazakhstan)


None yet.


None yet.


None yet.

North America

CYVQ (Norman Wells, Canada)

South America

None yet.

Websites used

For random coordinates: RANDOM.ORG - Geographic Coordinates

For finding flights: Skyscanner and FlightRadar24


I use this website when I fly private charter flights:

All you need to do is input the departure airport and the NM range you want - and it will generate 10 random routes.


Can come up with some really fun and unique routes!

So you could theoretically put in a max range of like 12000nm and it could give anywhere in the world.


Thanks for the website! My original idea was that with random coordinates, you might have routes with multiple stopovers (and that’s why Skyscanner can be useful as a website though it is restricted to commercial airports and cannot find any flights from and to Russia). Does this website generate routes to any airport or is it restricted to commercial airports?

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It generates routes to any airport by the looks of it - I get military bases sometimes. (which is interesting)

Sounds cool! I might use it from time to time but I’ll mainly use my original idea since I have to use real flights to fly between commercial airports (if I land on one).

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1st route

Departure airport:

Generated coordinates: -2.94016, 16.44245

Closest airport: FZAA (Kinshasa)

Arrival airport:

Generated coordinates: 64.59009, -128.78134

Closest airport: CYVQ (Norman Wells)


Leg Flight number Flight time Aircraft
FZAA-LFPG AF770 8h20 A359
LFPG-EGLL AF1580 1h30 BCS3
EGLL-CYVR AC861 9h45 B77W
CYVR-CYZF AC8480 2h29 CRJ9
CYZF-CYVQ AKT244 1h55 B733 (will use B737 in IF)

I will try to complete this route by the end of the week!


Last one will be interesting! XD

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Route completed!

Here are some pictures taken from my route to Norman Wells.

Parked at the gate at Kinshasa, takeoff scheduled in the late evening, with a beautiful and clear moon

Landing at Charles de Gaulle, really early in the morning (woke up at 5am just to land lmao), with a MD-11 FedEx exiting the runway

Time to go to Heathrow! But hey look, can you see the Iberia? Took off 3 hours later after being in the A350 (which means a bit more sleep for me)

Quite a busy LHR (as always)!

Time to leave London! Boarding completed and now ready for pushback in the 777 Air Canada!

Landing in Vancouver just 1 hour later (thanks to time zones) with a beautiful terrain around the airport

Vancouver is a wonderful area to take these photos

Ending this route with a follower, @DanilVL, who wanted to see me land on the 5000ft runway of CYVQ (he will tell you how the landing was like)

Thanks to the controllers who gave me an excellent service during those flights! Soon you will know what the next airport will be…


I did that a couple of days ago. I woke up a bit early on a weekend to land only to almost nosedive and crash on approach after accidentally disconnecting the A/P. Nice pictures tho

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I expected to see the runway being demolished, because of its short lenght, to our surprise @TheKnP_KK landed safe and sound, spot on the touchdown zone (on a slightly better landing than I did on a normal average commercial flight. I might practise some more, Oh my…)

Great flight series btw! I especially like the second last picture with the mountains and the busy arrival on LHR.

Thanks a lot! I can feel your pain and it happened to me a long time ago. Since then I always double or even triple check haha.


To be honest I was getting nervous because I knew you were watching me but I handed it quite well. I was even impressed that I had enough runway left.

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It happened twice on the same day. I flew from ATL-MAN and had a morning arrival and then I flew from in the late hours of the morning LHR-ORD but then on approach to ORD I accidentally disengaged the A/P again and then I went into a nosedive and lost a couple of thousand feet in a matter of seconds and over-sped instantly. Not the best thing to go through after a good 7-8 hour flight

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2nd route

Departure airport:

Norman Wells CYVQ

Arrival airport:

Generated coordinates: 43.1951111, 52.3977222

Closest airport: UATE (Aktau, Kazakhstan)


Leg Flight number Flight time Aircraft
CYVQ-CYZF AKT245 1h10 B734 (will use 737-700)
CYZF-CYVR AC8477 1h50 CRJ9
CYVR-EDDF LH493 9h55 B789
EDDF-UACC LH646 6h55 A333
UACC-UATE KC313 2h55 A21N (will use A321)

2nd route completed!

As usual, here are some pictures taken throughout these flights.

Stunning view on takeoff at Norman Wells.

Fog during landing at Vancouver (didn’t know autoland doesn’t flare AT ALL).

Later in the day fog has disappeared, leaving us a direct view to the mountains near Vancouver.

Ouch that was a really bad landing at Frankfurt (I can’t land the 787).

At least some traffic on takeoff! 2 A330s ready for departure. Heading towards Astana.

I think fog likes me, I’ve had 2 landings with less than 1km visibility (this time I landed the plane by myself).

Kazakhstan is really good country for these types of scenery photos, taken near Astana on my way to Aktau.

I’ve discovered a new country (of course I knew the existence of Kazakhstan but I’ve never been there before) and honestly I really like the scenery near Astana. Hope I’ll get another great airports (I hope not too far away from Kazakhstan because long hauls are a pain for me).

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Great shot in Kazakhstan in particular that last one! I’ve flown there some and I agree it has some great scenery to explore more.

I’m gonna head back there shortly.

I was flying around XinJiang and which made me think of connecting the two maybe (just to explore the unknown):

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I can barely adjust it properly so I can land near or on the touchdown zone. It always flies really high or pitches the nose too low if I’m too high. It’s never gentle

Don’t pitch to high and it’s similar to flying the B777. Use a bit of trim it’ll help

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While sometimes I’ve experienced it being a bit off, the vast majority of the time it works for me to the point where I use it with regularly with confidence. But I’m careful of the setup and speed. Sometimes it lands a bit long, but I can’t say confidently it mostly does.

Practice many repetitions with short final in solo mode, finding the right airspeed, touch of power to arrest descent rate when it looks a bit too much, and use the FPV to grade yourself: you want to be in control of the FPV as you move it from below the horizon for the approach, to tucked up as tightly to the horizon as humanly possible, just before your wheels touch.

If you get that right, it doesn’t matter what your trim is (though trim can assist in that primary goal of keeping your FPV in control and pushed onto the horizon at touchdown - but trim doesn’t really help if you’re not looking for the right thing to kill the vertical speed).

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Astana is indeed a beautiful city to land on and I hope some time soon I will land at Almaty, looks like a great airport with mountains near the city.

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Yeah I almost never fly the 787 so the feeling on takeoff and landing are really different than for example the A350 or A330. I’m just more used to flying Airbus planes though I can land the 737 quite nicely since it’s close to the A320 family.

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