Flying To other countries

When I took off from London Stansted it would not let me fly out the border.
Does anyone know how to fly to other countries.
If you do please comment.
Happy Landings

You can’t.

Welcome to the forum… This topic is already been discussed in the topic below

Continue your discussion there, thanks!

Are they going to fix it
Thanks for your response

You can fly to other countries, there are 4 countries in the Amsterdam Region, 2 in the Singapore region, 2 in the Southern California region.


Can you do this on Amazon version.

Yeah but can you fly from London to Amsterdam for example.

None of these are available on Amazon.

you can try this on amazon though

Oh, you cant fly from London to Amsterdam.

Thanks I will email the developers about my problem

USA to Mexico

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This is not a problem, global flight is not yet supported yet by IF. Remember this is a tablet simulator not a desktop one ;)

Please check the topic that Dushyanth posted, there is a long history of discussion going on about global flight.

Have a good one!

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Please check: