Flying To Oshkosh In An XCub! (CANCELLED)

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Hello folks! Tomorrow I will start a 3 leg journey in an XCub from Tacoma, WA, to Oshkosh, WI in Infinite Flight! As I’ve already said, I’ll be starting tomorrow, July 20, and will arrive on July 22, when I believe fly-ins are accepted. The reason I’m not flying in on the official first day is because I’ll be at real Oshkosh! Here is the planned route for the XCub flights:

KJAC-KFAR(T/O 21:50Z)(July 21 3:50PM MST)

For my frequent XCub flyers, I have a question for you guys! So, from calculations, I have planned that the flight from Tacoma to Jackson will take about 4 hours and 14 minutes (trip is 563 nmi), does that sound correct to you guys?


3hrs 45 min at 130kts

thanks! i just calculated speed and distance to time on some calculator, but I’m glad it’s somewhat accurate.

No problem. At 130 kts your KJAC to KFAR would be about 4 hr and your KFAR to KOSH is 2 hrs 15 min. Have a great flight! Looking forward to the event myself!

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Thanks a lot!

depends on weather conditions and wind

“Would be about” covers that. Should pee before you leave too so you don’t have to stop but those times will cover the general flight

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wait you flying on IF or in real life

Flight time is the same either way

Sorry I didn’t make that clear. I’ll be flying in Infinite Flight.

I might also fly to Oshkosh in an XCub, since I’m performing there in an XCub demo. Maybe I’ll be able to join you on a few of your legs!


If you do that you know who to call and it aint the Ghost Busters. I could make a 2300Z tomorrow work

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I’ll be parking at ATP Flight School at KTIW and will be spawning 20 minutes before to get ready. I’ll be cruising at 8000 feet so if you want to follow me maybe you could do 7000 or 9000 feet. I can give you the route if you want it.

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Send it ✏️


All I ask is I take off first and if possible we fly at different altitudes. Excited you want to come along for the ride!

No problem I’ll follow in trail and if @Wonderousbuilder641 wants to join we can form our own flight of 2 in trail to give you some separation if we want to fly closer together


Thanks a lot I love doing flights of 2 but I won’t be near my device for most of the flight so I wanted to make sure we don’t have any collisions ❤️

No problem, will see and avoid!

I might start my flights on Friday or Saturday.

Let me know. I’m down for any flight I just plan to do the Fisk arrival when I go into KOSH. Otherwise how I get to that point and the number of times doesn’t matter to me!

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