Flying to Orlando with the boys

Hello everyone just posting some other In flight Pics, I hope you like them :)

  1. The boys and I went for a trip to Orlando with the some of the biggest aeroplane from the Lufthansa fleet. Here’s some pics from our trip.

2) Bunch of Airbuses (A330-300, A340-600, A380-800) and a Boeing 747-400 all from Lufthansa / Training Server / From Frankfurt (EDDF) to Orlando KMCO) / FT:9h30

3) The pics !

The boys

To the moon

In game (Just a bonus)

Thanks to the Boys:
@Baba (747-400)
@misterATOMIC (A340-600)
@SkyMonkey28 (A330-300)

You can join the IFFR community at any time by hiting the discord link on the boys profiles. Cya


Great shots, but please follow the rules for the category.

What did he do rong?

Look at the last picture also there are the callsigns above each plane.

Now I see.

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Ok people. When its on one picture, just PM the user and tell them. No need to flag and be all official about it. Its a simple mistake.


Thanks @iZaK for the pictures with IFFR

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Thank you ^^ I clearely understand what you mean but how can my post be approved if it breaks rules?

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@iZaK Thank you for the beautiful pictures with the IFFR team !

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Nice pics!!

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Absolutely amazing photos!

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Awesome shots! Gotta love Golden Hour!

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