Flying to or from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Tomorrow?

Hello folks! As Minneapolis St. Paul is my home international airport and featured for this week’s FNF, I thought I would make a post with all the information you could need for your flights tomorrow. No better way to start than with the weather!


Overall, tomorrow is a pretty unremarkable day, although an increase in wind from tonight into tomorrow afternoon may pose a challenge for some pilots and light aircraft. Most notable times include 1500Z - 0100Z which includes winds out of the South West (220) at a sustained 12 knots with gusts of up to 20 knots. During this period of moderate wind, expect runway usage to include runways 30L, 30R, and 17. Some controllers may use 4/22, but be warned that it is an unrealistic runway. If you are striving for a perfect flight be sure to request the parallel runways for landing and 17 for departure.

Additional information from the Federal Aviation Administration can be found here, click on the hyperlink below:

Terminal Aerodrome Forcast:
Weather Targeting

Weather Targeting

With the early mornings involving some lower temperatures, it may be advised to simulate some deicing activities for fun. Shout out to @Hopperbolic for helping me get these times down.

Fluid Type Aircraft Size Aprox. Application Time
Type 1 Regional Jet (CRJ) 10:00 - 15:00 min
Type 1 Medium Aircraft (A320, B737) 10:00 - 15:00 min
Type 1 Heavy Aircraft (A350, B777) 25:00 - 30:00 min

Deicing takes place at the following locations on the ramp. They are color-coded along with their associated runway departure.

Flight Planning and Charts:

Most of the day 30L, 30R will be the active runways for landings. 30L, 30R, and 17 will be the active runways for departure. Depending on where you are flying and from what gate will determine your departure runway.

Runway 17: Runway 17 is used to relieve traffic from the 2 main parallel runways. This runway is most commonly used for aircraft up to a 757 although it may be used by larger aircraft depending on weight and takeoff configuration. Use this runway if you are departing to the South, Southwest, South East, or East Coast. This runway may be used by aircraft from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 as well as the numerous cargo aprons. This runway is not to be used for landing under typical circumstances

Runway 30L: This runway is for the big boys. If you are a heavy aircraft (B767 or larger, A330 or larger) you should be requesting this runway for takeoff and landing. Therefore, this runway should be used by heavy aircraft departing to or landing from; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Seoul, Tokyo, or any other city in Europe or Asia. This is also a general use runway for Terminal 2 and the Southside of Terminal 1 accommodating departures to the North West, South West, and North as well as departures to the East. East departures require attention to make sure there is not a traffic conflict with other active runways.

Runway 30R: This runway is for the numerous regional jets arriving and departing from Minneapolis St. Paul’s Northside of Terminal 1. If you are departing North, North East, North West, or East, use this runway! This is runway is also used for arriving mainline aircraft from Delta, so if there is not enough space to accommodate you on 30L see if you can grab 30R.

Runway 4/22: This is a runway you should avoid using as much as possible for anything. The few exceptions that are allowed are heavy (weight) aircraft who are unable to use the other 2 runways. This includes the occasional A350 to Seoul and Tokyo, or in the summer this means loaded 737s that are flying up to Alaska. Avoid this runway for landing and departing!


Standard Instrument Departures and Terminal Arrivals can be found at the link below, as well as approaches, required departure climb rates, and additional aeronautical information:


Taxiways: Have a look at the recommended taxi routing below!

Taxing NOTAM: You can and should drive over the broken yellow lines in the apron area. By taxing on the main taxiway you are clearing up space for other aircraft to push back which leads to higher efficiency!

Runway 17:

Runway 30L:

Runway 30R:

Routes: Check out Flightradar 24 for every single route out of MSP in the next 7 days!

Have any questions? Ask below and either me or one of my fellow Minnesotan’s will be happy to answer.


This is very helpful. Thank you very much for this information.


Ah, our MSP Avgeek. You better thanks to him for his hard work for airport editing and this thread!

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That’s really well made! Hope to see some of this in action tomorrow!
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Really excited for tomorrow! Gonna head to PDX and back and maybe fit in a DTW turn. Thanks for the info!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much @Aceorbit. I hope this will help to bring at least a tiny bit of realism to tomorrow’s FNF!

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Holy cow! My home airport is being featured! Thanks! @Aceorbit

This is wonderfully put together @Aceorbit, well done!


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