Flying to Norway!

Hello Infinite Flight Community! Today I flew from Amsterdam to Oslo on a SAS A320 Neo.
It was a great flight, and I managed to capture some nice photos from the experience as well. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think down below!

There she is, the plane I will be flying on today.

Just sat down in my seat, 18F. There’s a Lufthansa A320 and a Croatian A319 next to us!

Pushback approved! Now taxiing to runway 18L.

Taking off 18L after a short taxi!

Climbing up to FL370 after takeoff.

We’ve reached cruising!

SAS kindly served me chicken and vegetables for lunch. It was very good.

On the decent into Oslo!

Coming in for a landing!

Very smooth landing this afternoon.

Parked at the gate.

I hope y’all enjoyed. Here’s how I would rate my flight today:

Seat & legroom: 6/10
Food quality: 8/10
Landing: 8/10

Overall: 22/30

Thanks for viewing, and have a great rest of your day!


Welcome to Norway. I hope you having a good stay in Norway

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I like this plane and this airline!

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Wow “8/10 food quality”, pretty darn good for airplane food…

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We’re you in business class?

Yeah, it was honestly really good.

Honestly I’m not sure lol. All the seats seemed the same in the whole airplane so I think there was just premium boarding and economy boarding.

Can you remember the aircraft callsign by any chance? It could be that I got a picture of the aircraft you flew on. The aircraft SE-ROI does have a white nose which did seem to be the case at you first picture.

Other than that those are some nice pics you’ve captured. Norway and the other Nordic countries are beautiful!


Unfortunately I don’t remember its callsign, but it very well could have been the same jet. Nice shot!

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