Flying to Nordic Land Islands

Hi, all friends of Infinite flight I am going to post a video of flying to Islands outside Norway, I hope u all want to enjoy this with me. I wish there could be an ATC Hub in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark. I am going to fly with home base in Bergen, and wish there is some one that want to join me and hope infinite team would allow HUB in Scandinavia. Bergen is a good place to start home base with many of u all flying in Scandinavia, England, Europe. I like Bergen as home base airport for Scandinavia. And I hope the team would in the next Friday night setup ATC Hub in Bergen to fly to an Island outside Norway between Iceland and Svalbard a small island called Jan Mayen, I don’t know if many of u guys now the island. Will infinite flight in the 2022 have ATC Hubs in Scandinavia. I am flying with the Hercules or Boeing C-130.

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