Flying to Newark!

So on Sunday I am flying up to New Jersey for a house hunting trip as I am moving soon. The first leg of my trip will be Delta 2535, an MD-88 going from Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport to Atlanta. The second leg will be Delta 180, another MD-88 going from Atlanta to Newark. I hope to make a video and share my experience.


Enjoy the MD-88s!

But why New Jersey though? (Not to offend anyone from there)


Please make a video. i would love to see the trip :)

Have a save trip!

Nice I live near KEWR and I live in NJ. Might be able to see you actually!

XD were here in ATL, I tried to take a few videos, but look at my seating.

As a word of advice, don’t let the airline pick your seats.
Anyways, I’m waiting for our connection. Good thing I don’t have crap seating this time.

I also spotted a few rare planes here. I found the Southwest Illinois One and a Delta A321.


One time I got that seat on an AirTran 737 from ATL-MCO. Row 14. Know never to book that seat.

XD look what was at ERW


He is normally at LGA. Guess he was too lazy to use a limo to cross Manhattan.

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