Flying to Manchester

Hey guys :) ,
Here are some pictures from my EGLC to EGCC flight yesterday. I enjoyed taking these pictures on my favorite route, along with the runway picture shot (no worries, there was no traffic but I wanted to be quick just in case :) ). I am looking forward to starting my posts back up. School has been crazy busy lately :) enjoy :) .


Nice shots! I like the last one a lot. :)


Thank you :) . It was honestly the first runway picture I took that turned out this good :)

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Nice photos! Flying over England is always beautiful:)


I’ve done that flight in infinite flight.EGCC is one of my mom’s favorite airports in England.

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Thank you :) and it sure is. I just love flying around there every time :)

Those are really great shots

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Thanks for flying to my home airport in Infinite Flight! Some great shots there!

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Love flying the ERJ. And the British Airways. Great shots mate!!

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I love when people fly real world routes like this. I believe BA purchased their Embraer’s primarily to have an aircraft small enough to operate out of EGLC.

Great shots!

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Thank you all so much :) . I may fly this route again tonight. I’m not completely sure yet :)