Flying to Manchester, NH (Flight Lesson)

Hey everyone!
Today, I did my first ever flight to KMHT. It wasn’t a cross country, but it felt like it as I had to navigate to the airport using basic navigation skills.

I flew in a Cessna 172 from Hampton Airfield to MHT.
We performed two touch and goes and then went back to Hampton. It was about a 20 minute flight to MHT, and it was bumpy due to the thermals.

Unfortunately, because I only ate a very light meal before the flight, at the very end, I began to feel sick. Thankfully it happened at the very end and not during flight. I did not hurl during the flight at all, as I breathed a bit longer so I don’t feel as sick.

I definitely learned my lesson, gotta eat a good meal before I fly.

I barely took pictures, but here are some I did take

Wide angle made this shot nice

Nice side view

Wide angle shows full cockpit

A sad sight to see :(

Thanks fore viewing!

Flight path


Nice stuff! Not the largest airport in the world, but it’s gotta be a thrill to land at an airport that serves aircraft as large as 737s regularly.


We get 767F’s regularly by FedEx and UPS. We’ve also gotten a 772F.

Yeah, it was awesome, finally got a chance to land at my hometown airport

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Even better!

Oh wow! Those photos are amazing!

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nice pics, the sickness may have been caused by altitude.

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