Flying To Heathrow for the Day | London Heathrow [EGLL] | 14th March, 2020

Hello IFC!

Another day, another spotting thread! On Saturday, 14th of March, @Chris_Wing and I flew over to London’s Heathrow airport for the day to do some spotting. After a very rainy welcome to the UK, we headed over to Myrtle Avenue on one of Heathrow’s free buses. After a couple of hours, we met up with @Speedbird_286. It’s always great to meet up and chat to community members IRL.

The ticket prices were extremely cheap for this flight, and we couldn’t pass up on it. I paid CHF 77 (80.19$, £66.39 or €72.85) for a return flight from Basel to Heathrow with British Airways. Both flights were very empty, with estimated 60 people onboard. Stay tuned for another thread tomorrow with more details and pictures from the flight. Now, onto the pictures!

Here’s a LOT special livery on one of their B737-800s. After a quick Google search I found out that New Gen Airways is a small airline based in Thailand. This aircraft was transferred over to LOT from New Gen Airways back in July of 2019, but hasn’t yet been fully repainted,

An American Airlines B777-300ER seconds from touching down after a hop over the pond from New York’s JFK.

A familiar sight when spotting at Heathrow is British Airways’ short haul Airbus aircraft. This is one of their newer A321neos arriving in from Athens.

The fabulous BEA retro livery on one of British Airways’ A319s. I was extremely excited to see this livery because I’ve never seen it before. Finally I can now say that I’ve seen all of British Airways’ special liveries.

Here’s another livery which I’ve never seen before. I really like the new Aer Lingus livery.

This wouldn’t be a Heathrow spotting thread without at least one picture of a Boeing 747. Here’s G-CIVJ about to touchdown after a long flight from Vancouver.

A BA B787-9 captured from directly under the approach path of 27L. The shiny belly gives this photo a nice finish.

SAS’ new livery looks fantastic although I’m not too sure if it suits the B737. The mask around the cockpit windows doesn’t look right to me. Still a nice livery though.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! As always feed back is greatly appreciated. Keep an eye out for another spotting thread over the next few days. There’ll be some nice cockpit shots included. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


I love that LOT livery! I also agree about the SAS 737, I like the new livery, but it doesn’t fit the 737 at all. Nice shots mate!


Great photos, that shot of G-NEOS is amazing, love the dramatic backdrop!


Nice pictures!

I’m looking at a very cheap flight on the AA767, would you still recommend flying even with COVID-19?

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Gotta love that British Airways B747, nice shots to!

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

It depends on how long the flight is and the destination. It’s just that day by day the whole Covid-19 situation is getting worse. It’s up to you. Personally I wouldn’t fly anymore until the situation starts to die down.

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Thanks, it’s a 3 hour flight down to Miami from Philadelphia. I was looking at the latest date before the 767 is retired (sometime in May) and the one that worked best for me was April 26. If it might influence your thoughts it was $25 per person in Basic Economy and $3xx per person in First

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Wow! That’s insanely cheap considering it’s a B767 and it’s a three hour flight. In that case you should maybe wait one or two weeks before you book the flights, just to see how the Covid-19 situation has developed. Who knows, the US might put a restriction on domestic flights and it could be cancelled.

If you do end up going then I strongly recommend that you keep safe by following advice from the WHO. On Saturday I washed my hands very frequently, never touched any surfaces with my bare hands, I always used a piece of paper or my jacket to touch something, and I always kept a safe distance to the person in front of me.

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Good idea. One more question, were you traveling alone?

No, I flew over it with my brother, @Chris_Wing.

I just landed into Heathrow oh IF! Nice pics love the queen on final, the A350 is nice too. Cool that you caught a SAS new livery!


Wow, these are awesome! Great work!

where’s Birby?

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These are so awesome.

What kind of camera do you use?

Yeah, like @Robertine said, what about birb 😂

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The BA A350 looks gr8

Thanks for kind words! Sorry, but what is a birby?

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Thanks! I use the Canon EOS 200D with an 18-55mm and a 75-300mm lens.


So, if you haven’t been around spotting topics recently, it is now an unofficial requirement for a picture of a bird (or birb, lol) to be in the topic 😂

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What he said, lol

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Aww no A220s?

Jokes aside, this one I saw when flying out of Heathrow. Great livery, great photo.