Flying To/From Underserved Airports

Hey IFC,

As many of you know, I get pretty bothered when not a lot of activity happens over at KSJC since the nearby airport of KSFO takes up all the attention. I like to normally fly routes to and from KSJC often, whether real world or not. Now I am pretty sure that some of us on the community feel the same way. So what I am planning to do is to fly at some of those under-served airports

I am planning to do some routes from airports in this topic above. You can suggest down below which airports I could fly them. Since they are small and everyone focuses on the bigger and more popular ones, I do not know the less popular ones that much other than KSJC, KMCO, KFLL and KDAL. Suggest to me unpopular, but major airports that do not get much attention in IF and I’ll fly from there to another airport.


Routes I am planning to fly
Routes I am flying on right now
Routes flown
  • KIAH-KMSP (Boeing 738) (Delta 74) @RTG113
  • KMSP-KCVG (Delta 2629 - Boeing 738) @Cbro4
  • KCVG-KSFO (Delta 960 - Boeing 738) @Cbro4


Routes I am planning to fly
Routes I am flying right now
Routes flown

Did you mean to say ”Undeserved” or Underserved? KSJC is undeserved of my time yes I’d ageee 😂


Oh, a small little misspelling.

EDIT: Fixed now @Brandon_Sandstrom


Oh, and thanks @Lucas_Piedra for fixing the post. :)

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Mmh undeserving🤔

But for underserved airports, it feels peaceful knowing that no one will taxi through grass/dust or would cut you off on final or block the runway.

Isn’t that mostly TS1? I’ll be flying to/from them on the expert server (unless requested by the person who suggests it who knows, maybe they want to join me).

I’d suggest doing IAH-MSP. 2 large hubs but ghost towns in Infinite Flight.


Got it, added it to my list.

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KCVG. 4 runways and (I think) it can hold an A380. There are only 2-3 people there on a good day in IF.


Alright, I’ll set my destination airport and add that to my list. :)

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Sounds good. Let me know when you fly it. I would love to join.

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I am now flying KIAH-KMSP as Delta 64 in a Boeing 738. Suggested by @RTG113. Feel free to join me if you want.

Server: Expert
Airport: KIAH
Flight Plan: IAH 3006N/9524W 3017N/9530W WLLIS 3107N/9558W 3131N/9603W 3211N/9613W BYP TUL DOSOA MCI 4237N/9404W 4251N/9353W 4303N/9344W 4317N/9333W 4330N/9332W 4358N/9329W 4411N/9328W 4416N/9325W 4422N/9322W KMSP
Gate: My gate is A10

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Pittsburgh is great, I am on ATC there if anyone wants to come down

Do you want me to do a flight to/from there in the future? (Unless requested on a different server, I will always fly on the expert server.)

Dont particularly care just saying a great airport super close ro some other big airports, and long runways

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Pushing back from Gate A10 at KIAH now. Track me on LiveFlight! Delta 64

Should definitely do KSDF - SBGL in a UPS plane.

2 major hubs as well as very underserved in IF

I’ll think about it. :)

I don’t fly cargo planes that often.

Did you takeoff yet???

I just finished pushback. I’m about to taxi to 15L

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