Flying to Florida for Christmas! KDEN-KMIA trip report!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Saturday! So this was a flight I did on Christmas Eve and I completely forgot to make a trip report on this, so here is the Christmas Eve trip I took on IF! I hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.85
Training server
3:06 flight time

Hey guys, today on this wonderful Christmas Eve afternoon, I will be flying to Miami to see lots of family for Christmas! I have lots of family in Florida so that’s why I am heading to KMIA to meet up with all of my relatives for Christmas! And I got an early Christmas gift because I am traveling first class today earring a lot more points on American!

My plane, American B738 my 2nd favourite aircraft!

My seat 3A!

Takeoff, bye bye Denver!

Cruising over eastern Colorado as this will be a pretty normal flight within the next 2 hours.

KXNA airport

Amazing view of Memphis, Tennessee!

Crossing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Pretty stunning view of Tampa Bay, Florida!

Landed, merry Christmas to all of you Floridians!

Thank you so much American Airlines for the free upgrade to first class and thank you so much for this amazing Christmas Eve afternoon flight! I sure can’t wait to see all of my relatives who live here tonight and I can’t wait to spend a wonderful Christmas at a resort right on Miami Beach!

I hope you all have enjoyed my first trip report in 2023, and I know this is very late but Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday and your happy new year, bye guys!


Nice images! I like the one with Memphis in view!

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Thanks so much @Generic_Flyer!

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Thanks for the likes!

Can anyone guess what route my next trip report will be on! Hint: I will takeoff out of KMIA on an American B772, it will be a domestic route! Can anyone guess?


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Please vote, and you will get a trip report tomorrow!

Once again, thanks for all the likes!

You will all find out tommorow!

Amazing pictures! However, once KMCO has been released to 3D, you should fly there more, bc KMIA isn’t the only airport in FL