Flying to Felipe Angeles

Today I flew to Mexico City’s brand new airport, Felipe Angeles International. It was inaugurated in March of 2022 and is currently served by 4 airlines as of June 2022. Today I flew Conviasa 3726 on a A340-600 to AIFA.

Route: Caracas-Mexico City AIFA
Plane: A340-600
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 4hrs7min

Boarding Passengers

Taking off runway 10

Cruising over the Venezuelan coastline

Over Honduras

Mexico-Belize boarder

Minatitlan, Veracruz

Descending into Mexico City

Benito Juarez Airport

On Final

Welcome to Felipe Angeles International Airport!

Feedback is appreciated


Great pics! Looks like 1 of them didn’t fully upload tho


Just got it to upload. Thanks

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Great pictures! :)


Nice pics! Surely it was a nice (?) flight :)

Oh boy controversy time

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Thinking about making a return flight ;)

Great images!


thought this image was KLAX for a second!

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I did not know Conviasa operated the A340-600! Nice pictures.

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