Flying to Every US State in IF

Hey all! Are you well? Good.

I’ve seen many people do around the world challenges, flying to every country, et cetera. People have spoken of doing every US state. I thought I would take this opportunity to accomplish this. Most people have used private aircraft and F-22s and routes that don’t exist, I’m doing that differently, I’m going on Wikipedia and looking for destinations that are mentioned in the airport articles. I have not decided on the starting point yet but I will start very soon. I will announce the next leg when I finish the one before.

Thanks for reading, any good starting points will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Will you only fly to one airport per state? And will you use all real routes? Because that would be cool.

I’ll try to do 1 airport per state. Flying back to states will probably be coming alot in the journey. Yes, I’m using all real life, flown routes.


Good luck! 😁

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Nice! What state you starting from?

Before I start, I need a great starting point that’ll get me on my feet quick. Any ideas? I’m thinking Bangor or Portland, Maine but I’m up for suggestions,.

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Maybe LAX, that’s a huge airport with many destinations in almost every state

I’ll have to backtrack to LAX and that would waste alot of time.

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Well if I were you I would knock out the hardest. I would start in Alaska and go straight to Honolulu, then to Seattle, then Portland, then Cali, Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake Ciry, Boise, Montana, Denver, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Austin, New Orleans- stuff like that.

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You could start with Miami and then do a left/right pattern across the USA?

I think I should follow your routing lol.

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When will you start? And also will this all be in one FPL with fuel stops? Or separate flights

They’ll be separate flights. My phone can barely take 1 long haul, god forbid a single flight to every us state.

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I’ll try to start today when I can. Starting from Alaska to Hawaii

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Nice, good luck!

LEG 1:

PANC Anchorage - PHNL Honolulu

Flight time: 6hr 20-30min

Flight Plan will be copiable if you’re flying with me.

Cruise Altitude: FL360.

Join if you have spare time!

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Just as a recommendation even though you have your first flight planned out, you could try avoiding the biggest cities in each state for a little more fun. For example, instead of flying to Honolulu from Anchorage, you could fly to Kona which Alaska flies daily with their 738s. (And if you fly to PHNL the flight will probably only take about 6 hours or maybe even a little less)

I knew Alaska flew to Hawaii, but I haven’t seen Kona on Google Flights. I could go to Kahului but I’d like to do it in speed.

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Okay. Never seen that. Google Flights lied to me. Those stinky idiots.

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