Flying to every U.S State in Infinite Flight

Welcome to my thread where I will be posting all flight that I will be doing here my goal is to fly to every U.S State
First flight:
Let’s start at the southern most point
Delta a319
Training server


When is this?

In an hour and a half

Okay I will join!

Have you guys already left?

No I haven’t spawned something came up so I am spawning at 4:00 pm eastern time

I actually was about to say the same thing, I just tried spawning in and no one was there?

I am spawning in 12 minutes

I will spawn in 10 minutes!!!

Ok we will wait for you

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Have y’all spawned

I will spawn in 2 minutes

i just spawned in

How many people are joining

I think it’s you me @AmericanB738 @AlaskaAirlines_17 so that 4


I will make FPL right now

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Look at us 4 Beautiful buses


I’m not in yet

Us 5 beutiful buses

Sir that’s only 4