Flying to Every State and Union Territory in India

For sure! My next one will be out of Bangalore so I will give you the details :)

Thank you! India certainly does deserve some more attention in IF, and it was my goal with this series to promote regional flights within the country. I’m very glad you like the series so far :)

Agreed, I’m very much looking forward to seeing some more in the future!


#16 - Karnataka 🇮🇳

Flight: 6E287

Route: Visakhapatnam (VOVZ) - Bangalore (VOBL)

Aircraft: IndiGo A320-200

As planned, I was accompanied on this flight by others. What I was not expecting, however, was for such a great number of people! Nor did I expect the fantastic ATC services for both our departure and arrival. For that, I am very thankful to all the members of the brilliant Indian Infinite Flight Community who organised this flight and helped it run as smoothly as it did!

Now, for the information. Bangalore is the capital of the Southern State of Karnataka. The centre of India’s high-tech industry, the city is also known for its parks and nightlife. To the southwest of Bangalore, Mysore is home to lavish temples including Mysore Palace, former seat of the region’s maharajas. The state boasts of historically significant monuments and structures that attract visitors from far and beyond, making it a key economic and cultural state in India.



No problem bro always a treat to accompany you to Bangalore;)


With you soon on next flight ;)

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Thank you so much bro make next plan Chennai-kozhikode table top runway

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Whats the website?

Liveflight, its like the flightradar24 of infinite flight

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Thanks, I knew that it existed, just forgo the name.

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Apologies for leaving at mid-flight as I decided to watch a movie with my 8 year old brother. But I am sure I will attend all of your future events in India.

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Please don’t apologise, family first over a plane game at any time. You will be most welcome to attend any future flights I hold in the series!


I already had an airport in mind for my flight to Kerala…but wanted to try out your recommendation. So I decided to do a flight from Mumbai - Kozhikode - Bahrain for the Mumbai flyout which took place earlier today. Thank you for recommending me the airport, the scenery was truly stunning!

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#17 - Puducherry 🇮🇳

Flight: SG3305 / SG3306

Route: Bangalore (VOBL) - Puducherry (VOPC) - Bangalore (VOBL)

Aircraft: SpiceJet Dash-8 Q400

The Union Territory of Puducherry was formed in 1954 following the end of French Control in the four territories namely Pondichéry, Karikal, Mahé and Yanaon. Whilst Puducherry is only the 29th most populous of the states and union territories of India, it is the third most densely populated union territory. It’s French architecture and stunning gold-sand beaches make Puducherry a popular destination for International and National tourists.

I was also accompanied by @Igor_M and @Eagle2703 for this flight




When did you do this, I thoght you’ll post it here, I was very much willing to join that flight

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There was only 3 gates at Puducherry, so I was hesitant to open the flight up to anyone on the thread since there wouldn’t be enough room haha.

I will post as many future flights as I can, though!


Oh Okay…No worries

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Future Flight Notice:

On 2022-01-24T17:00:00Z I will be continuing on from Bangalore and heading to Kannur, in Kerala. It is a short flight which will last around 45 mins, so feel free to join me on this leg.

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Would love to join but my Sub runs out and it is 3:00 am for me

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