Flying to Every State and Union Territory in India

Flying to every State and Union Territory in India 🇮🇳

Hello, Namaste नमस्ते, হ্যালো,

Welcome to this mini-topic where I fly to most of the 28 States and 8 Union Territories that make up the nation of India.

In my eyes, India, despite having massive IF fanbase, is often overlooked (other than the typical Mumbai/Delhi). My aim with this topic is to encourage people to explore this incredibly diverse and beautiful country, with a little bit of information about each state along the way.

Hope you enjoy!


@ST-ART for series inspiration and thread layout (see here) (for the map)


Good luck on your journey! India has a lot of great scenery to offer to pilots.


WoW! This looks so amazing! I love flying Indian domestic routes! I would be happy to join you for some of these!😄

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You may post which routes you are flying when, We may also join you if possible, This looks great though, I did 2 domestic flights today

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#1 - New Delhi 🇮🇳

Flight: BA257

Route: London Heathrow (EGLL) - Delhi Indira Gandhi (VIDP)

Aircraft: British Airways 777-200ER

The first flight of this series kicks off with a route to the Union Territory of Delhi from my home city - London. The capital territory, located in the north of India, is home to the Mughal-era Red Fort as well as the Jama Masjid Mosque which is one of the largest Mosques in India! According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned in the region in the 1st century BC.


I’m most excited for Mumbai!!😆😆

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I’m excited for Kerala and Karnataka!

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Excited! Keep us posted on the flight times and servers, maybe some of us can join up for a group flight or escort!

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#2 - Rajasthan 🇮🇳

Flight: AI491

Route: Delhi Indira Gandhi (VIDP) - Jaipur (VIJP)

Aircraft: Air India A320-200

Jaipur - The Capital City of The Rajasthan State - is located in Western India. Jaipur is often referred to as the ‘pink city’, with it’s opulent colonnaded City Palace complex containing gardens, courtyards and museums. Jaipur is also famous for Rajasthani traditional jewellery, fabrics and handicrafts, and also the spectacular Rajasthani cuisine (especially Laal maans, a rather spicy curry!)


Wow this is good can you ping me when you do VOBL or VOMM ;)


Good luck!

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Good luck on this wonderful endeavor.

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I see you covered Haryana as well? Did you land there?

Unfortunately I struggled to find any commercial flights to any airports in Haryana (probably due to its close proximity to Delhi) although I may be wrong… But If Haryana does have an airport with commercial services then please let me know and I’ll try get a flight in!

Technically speaking, the UT of Chandigarh counts as Haryana (it’s the joint capital of Haryana and Punjab). And you could fly to Amritsar to complete Punjab.


Oh awesome! Thanks for the info, learn something new everyday! 😁

I already had Amritsar planned for Punjab, so I’m sure it would be harmless to get Chandigarh done! I’ll try fit it into the plan.


Amazing to see underrated Indian airports being flown to! Best of luck :D


I just made a guide for Leh, if you decide to go there!


#3 - Gujarat 🇮🇳

Flight: SG3419 [A]

Route: Jaipur (VIJP) - Surat (VASU)

Aircraft: SpiceJet Dash-8 Q400

The next flight is to the state of Gujarat. Having already flown here, but to Ahmedabad, I decided to visit a smaller airport instead - Surat. However, despite having a small airport, Surat is indeed a large city. Located beside The Tapi River, the city is a commercial center for textiles and sometimes referred to as ‘the diamond city of the world’. The famous Surat Castle was built in the 1500s to defend the city against Portuguese Colonists and remains a popular tourist attraction to the city.


Okay,I’m really starting to like this! Especially with the bits of information that you give,great work Man!

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