Flying to every State and Territory in Australia

Can you guys slow down a bit. I’m struggling to catch up

Ok I will slow down

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@CMR and @CooledThread89 please slow down so @Fourthnebula919 can catch up to us

@canton where are you

Oh sorry My internet was bad but I reconnected and now I am last at least u catches up

ok do you want us to slow down

U can slow down a little I just speeded up

right slowed down o m 0.68

copy my flight plan iv go a faster approach

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That’s enoughh I can speed up

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It doesn’t matter I want to do my approach thanks for offering me

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@Fourthnebula919 you can land first, I will slow down

I got disconnected and got a violation and have to carry on offline please send my photos after you land thanks for letting me fly with you

It’s ok, @CMR and I landed safely at Perth


Thanks to @Usalypd for ATC at Adelaide and @CMR @CooledThread89 and @Fourthnebula919 fly with me. Sadly he got disconnected cause of a violation

Our next flight will be PER-DRW on Qantas again

When will it be?

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Maybe tomorrow afternoon again cause I’m bored

Ok, see u then, will pm u later

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Ok bye! Remember, If anyone else wants to join me, PM me tomorrow sometime