Flying to every State and Territory in Australia

Ok, also, we have to delay it by 30 again, my air conditioning guy came late, also we r flying in training server if that’s fine with u

That’s ok! I can wait

When are u ready? @CMR

Sorry for the wait 15 mins the air con guy is late lol

Lol ok I will wait whenever you are

@CMR its been 15 min already is he still not here?

I’m sorry, air con guy still here, if I’m no t there in 15, leave without me and I will catch up

Ok sure! I will start

Spawning now

Any specific plane route or livery?

QF 737 at T1

From Adelaide to Perth @CMR

So Departure Procedure is GILES4, departing RWY23

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Spawned, u creating FPL

Arrival and Approach is CONN4X STAR AND RO3-X APP

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hey I’m
joining too

Oh I see you your the Boeing 737 :)

@CooledThread89 ypu joined? That’s very appreciative 👍

I’m a bit behind il try to catch up

Thx for joining us again it’s really good when more people join