Flying to every State and Territory in Australia

Hello IFC!

Recently, I’ve been seeing many challenges that mainly like for etc Flying to every US State.
The reason I chose Australia is that it has Great scenery, Beautiful landscape and lovely cities. Since I don’t have much time, I chose a nation that had not many states.

Thanks for reading!

Image credits: Australia | MapChart

Credits to @Charlieab29 for inspiring me to do this


I will be starting tomorrow from Adelaide on Training Server. If anyone wants to fly with me that would be greatly appreciated. ATC would be nice aswell

I’ll try to join

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Nice challenge !

I would have liked to be the ATC but unfortunately i won’t be able to make it, sorry. .

Maybe another day ! ;)

Thanks so much! It’s all good Nicholas, Maybe u can be ATC on another route

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@IF_Jordan would 630Z be good? That’s 5:00PM for me and 9:30AM for u

Oh, I would have school at that time

Oh sorry! The reason I’m so active is that I am on school holidays. I feel you🥲

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But if anyone wants to join, feel free to PM me

Pls, anyone?

I can try and come! I live near YBBn so this should be cool

Ok! When? I live in SA so you are 30m behind me? So what time?

@CMR? What time

@CME pls comeee😭

Hi, I can come in about a couple of hours

I will come at 4:30PM my time, I think that’s 4:00PM ur time

Ok! That’s when I finish violin lesson, just note that you are 30 minutes behind us:)

That’s a good time👍 Note that u are 30min behind us :)

No, i thought we agreed 30 mins from now?

Oh sorry, I will PM you when we will spawn in, @Usalypd is ATC for us at ADL