Flying to every SkyTeam airline hub

So recently I saw a post of a member flying to every US state, and I decided I would do something similar with my own twist. I decided I’m going to fly to every SkyTeam member airline’s hub. In case you didn’t know what SkyTeam is, it’s an airline alliance group consisting of 19 airlines including well known ones such as KLM, Delta, Air France, and Korean Air! This truly epic journey will have me criss-crossing across the globe traveling around 40,000+ miles and over 88 hrs of flying time! I’ll have a list of airlines and aircraft I’ll be using as well as the destinations I’ll be visiting!

Xiamen-Taipei/Xiamen Air 787-8
Taipei-Shanghai/China Airlines 777-300
Shanghai-Jakarta/China Eastern A350-900
Jakarta-Seoul/Garuda Indonesia A330-900neo
Seoul-Hanoi/Korean Air 737-900
Hanoi-London/Vietnam Airlines 787-9
London-Atlanta/Virgin Atlantic A330-300
Atlanta-Mexico City/Delta 757-200
Mexico City-Buenos Aires/Aeromexico 787-9
Buenos Aires-Rome/Aerolineas Argentinas A330-300
Rome-Madrid/ITA (Alitalia) A321
Madrid-Amsterdam/Air Europa 787-9
Amsterdam-Bucharest/KLM 737-700
Bucharest-Prague/TAROM A318
Prague-Paris/CSA A320
Paris-Beirut/Air France A350-900
Beirut-Jeddah/MEA A321
Jeddah-Nairobi/Saudia A330-300
Nairobi-Seychelles/Kenya Airways E190

Oh and one last thing, rules.
~I MUST fly to every airlines hub, if they have more than one hub, then I should use the hub that their headquarters are located.
~I MUST keep aircraft used as realistic as possible.
~I MUST fly to each hub only once, no matter what.

Anyway, let’s begin with our first flight kicking off this huge endeavor, Xiamen Air from Xiaman to Taipei!

On the ground in Xiamen China

Taking off out of Xiamen officially starting this trip around the world!

Leaving the coast of the mainland shortly before starting my descent into Taipei.

Touchdown in Taipei after only 45 minutes of flying!

At the gate in Taiwan marking the end of the first of 18 remaining unique flights! See you next Saturday!


Cool! This looks like a fun challenge!


Before I begin, I just want to say That I’m so sorry I didn’t post this last Saturday! I had a family thing over the weekend and couldn’t get a chance to slip away. I hope y’all forgive and I promise it won’t happen again. Anyway, let’s get into the flight!

The second flight of this trip is gonna be another short one. This time leaving Taipei and heading back to China. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Our bird for today is a Boeing 777-300ER, shown here parked at the gate in Taipei.

Taking off with the backdrop of Taiwan behind us as we start the trek north to Shanghai.

Re-entering mainland China.

Buttering the landing at Shanghai.

And lastly pulling into the gate! See you again this Saturday! (For real this time!)

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Once again I’m sorry for the delay in posting. ( I need to start setting reminders) Anyway, we’re now on our first “long-haul” flight of the trip, 5 hours from Shanghai China to Jakarta Indonesia onboard China Eastern’s a350.

At the gate for our early morning departure.

Powering out of China with a beautiful sunrise in the distance.

Cruising along the ever-so-familiar backdrop of Taiwan.

Touching down on 25R!

Parking up at Jakarta’s newer (and worse looking) terminal 3. See y’all next week (no matter what) for an even longer flight back north to Seoul!

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Tag me when you do these.

Yea it does.

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Sounds good!

Welcome back to the 4th leg of this trip! Today we’re on a new A330-900neo with Garuda Indonesia! So, let’s begin our trek up north!
A nice view of the tail as we begin the boarding process.
Taking off leaving CGK in the background.
Cruising directly over Manila, Philippines.
On our descent into Incheon with South Korea’s not so friendly neighbors in the distance.
Landing Runway 15L.
And lastly parked at the gate in Seoul. See y’all next week for our first narrowbody on the trip!

YES!!! I finally posted on time! Today we’re on the first narrow-body on this trip, in the form of a B737-900 belonging to Korean Air!

At the gate, this time on the other side of Terminal 2.

Zooming out of Incheon!

Entering the ‘nam!

On descent into Vietnam’s capital.

Landing in Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport!

And parked at one of the remote stands here in Hanoi. Don’t forget to come back next week for one of the longest flights in this whole adventure, 12 hours to London! See ya!

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